You claim to like Genshin but you skip through the story (even for the characters you like), hate fighting, and don’t care about the puzzles, why?

Ask that to the ONE person you’re probably misunderstanding and not on Quora where probably NO ONE knows what you’re talking about.

“Claim to like Genshin“. Would they play it if they didn’t? It takes kinda a lot of effort to do you commissions everyday and grind artifacts, ascension materials, talent materials, weapon ascension materials and etc.

Plenty of people skip through the story. Not everyone wants to wait for the often too slow dialougue.

Puzzles are a fun aspect of the game, yes. But is it a mandatory part of it? No, not really.

Tbh, I hated fighting when I first started Genshin too. At the end of the day, hating fighting doesn’t mean shit since if they’re doing their commissions, they have to fight at some point.

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